There are a lot of questions to ask when you start down the path of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. We are here to help. Below you will find a long list of common questions we receive. We have added a section specifically addressing common questions revolving around Covid-19. Not seeing the questions you need answered? Contact us directly and we will respond A.S.A.P.


What steps are you taking to keep students safe?

We are operating at limited capacity. Students will train only with members of their small designated training group, and groups are distanced from one another on the mat. All staff and students must wear masks while in the academy. Upon arrival everyone will complete a daily health screening for COVID symptoms and exposure. We will be sanitizing all surfaces and equipment (which is why we have scheduled 15 minutes in between each class session).

What steps will you take if there is an outbreak at the academy?

If we learn of someone within our academy that has tested positive for COVID-19, we will immediately pull the infected person’s training group. All group members will be notified to self-quarantine and get tested. All students in other groups that were in the building at the same time will also be notified. An outbreak is defined as 2 students in a single cohort testing positive. If we have outbreaks in 3 or more cohorts, we will implement a location-wide shutdown.

What do I need to do if I think I have been exposed to COVID-19?

Begin self-quarantine immediately. Please don’t come into the academy until you have confirmed that you don’t have COVID-19. Contact a physician to perform a remote screening, and get tested ASAP. If you receive a positive test result, please notify us right away so that we can take steps to protect other students.

How are you limiting attendance in classes?

Each class has limits on the amount of students that can enroll. All students will belong to designated training groups, and will only have contact with the members of their group. An individual class may have groups in separate areas of the mat at the same time. Per government regulation, all classes will contain 20 total students or fewer.

How are classes being taught?

Each class is led by an instructor who will explain and demonstrate techniques. Within the class, individual training groups will remain separated by 6+ feet.

Will you Establish zoom classes?

No, not at this time.

Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

If you have health insurance, your physician may recommend a location for in-network testing.

Otherwise please visit:

I am visiting from out of town can I drop in and train?

Possibly. Please email us at graciejiujitsuaurora@gmail.com for open availability. Our numbers may or may not be full, so we may be able to accommodate you. 

Can I also train at another martial arts school or a group of friends at home?

In order to sign up for classes at our school you must agree not to train with people outside of that group until further notice. Let’s all do our part to keep our academy safe and stop the spread!

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, Colorado’s state-wide mask mandate for public places is still in effect, and it’s important for us to stay in compliance so we can stay open. Students and staff are required to wear a mask at all times while in the building, including while training. Please bring your own mask.

What are your cleaning procedures?

We are using CDC-recommended cleaning solutions to sanitize our mats, heavy bags, and Thai pads before each class. We are also frequently cleaning surfaces in our bathrooms, lobby, and front desk.

How often can I attend class?

This varies by program. It will depend on our numbers at the time. Due to Covid -19 we do have restrictions in place. Please speak to the Head Instructor for more information and/or availability. You may also email us at graciejiujitsuaurora@gmail.com

Are lockers and showers available?

Bathrooms are available for changing, but not storage of personal belongings. You may use the provided cubbies to store your personal belongings.

Will I be notified if someone at GJJA test positive for COVID-19?

If we become aware of a reported case of COVID-19 and you had potential contact with the individual, we will notify you within 24 hours. In addition, we will take all safety precautions to deep clean and disinfect the academy before allowing students back on the mat.

What happens if I go out of state for travel or work?

Every situation is unique, and the high-risk locations around the country and world are changing regularly. Please notify the head instructor Tony Debelak if you have left the state or country. You may be asked to quarantine and/or to get a COVID-19 test prior to returning to classes. Please be honest and help us to protect the health of our academy.

The Basic FAQs

Are you open?
Yes, we are open for training in all programs!
What is your schedule?
Our schedules are constantly evolving as we adjust to increasing demand and COVID-19 regulations. The most up-to-date is always available on our website.
Are you open?
Yes, we are open for training in all programs!
How do I sign up for training?
To register please use this link https://www.mystudio.academy/m/?=gjjco/5937///1607554805. You may also download the My Studio APP for your convenience. If you do, please enter code: gjjco to access our school. We have decided to not have contracts (at this time) so we are encouraging everyone to enroll in the ACH Withdrawal option so that we do not have to track down payments each month. When signing up you MUST select payments in the My Studio calendar to come out of your selected account on or before the 1st of the month to hold your spot for the upcoming month.

Here are the fees for both the ACH or Credit / Debit Card options. Cash & Check are also an option at the front desk (with no added admin fees). However, these options may not always hold your spot.

ACH Bank Fees = 1.5% per transaction

Credit / Debit Card Fees = 3.15% + $0.55 per transaction

Will I be billed if not training?
Your membership will continue to auto-renew unless we receive a suspension or cancellation from you via email to graciejiujitsuaurora@gmail.com. Please let us know in advance if you are planning to take a break, 30 days notice is always preferred. However, keep in mind that if you wait until after the 1st of the month and have already been charged. There will be no refunds since we didn’t have ample time to fill your slot(s).

In addition, if you stop paying you will lose your Gracie University Video Access that comes free with your membership. Video Access is a REQUIREMENT for promotion reasons. If cancel your membership your video access will immediately be removed and this will have an effect on your future promotions.

What should I wear?
Please wear clean comfortable workout clothes if you don’t have a GI (uniform). Uniforms are required if you continue to train and are available in our pro shop or online at Gracie University. You can purchase a Gi at the Gracie University Website here https://store.gracieuniversity.com/

A clean GI must be worn for every class and a t-shirt or rash guard must be worn under the GI.

Are masks required?
Yes. Per state-wide mandate. Please bring your own clean mask. If you forget one, please see the front desk and we can provide one.
What should I bring?
You’ll probably get thirsty during your workout, so please bring your water bottle! You’ll also need to bring a photo ID with you to your first class if you need to enroll.
What if I don’t have equipment and/or uniform?
No problem. Not needed for your first class. Just wear comfortable workout clothing. You can purchase a Gi at the Gracie University Store.

We will also be opening up a pro shop in the near future so may have some on hand. Check with the head instructor while in class.

What color of Gi does Gracie Jiu Jitsu wear?
Can I rent or borrow a GI?
Not at this time. Please wear comfortable gym clothes until you are able to purchase a Gi. All students must purchase a white GI (Uniform) to attend Combatives, Master Cycle, and all kid’s classes. Women Empowered does not require a GI.
What if I am a beginner?
No Problem. We see beginners every day and will schedule you for a class that is appropriate for your level of experience. Our adult classes have students of all fitness levels and all ages.
What if I don’t have any previous experience?
No problem! Our beginner programs are specifically designed for first-time jiu-jitsu practitioners and the techniques are always broken down into easy to follow steps—Always keeping safety a priority.
Is it safe?
At our academy, safety is the number one priority. In far too many BJJ schools, the classes are structured to meet the needs of the most elite students. If you are a beginner student, you are expected to serve as a “grappling dummy” for those above you. The thought process is, if you avoid injury, and stick around long enough, you will eventually figure it out. At our academy we take the opposite approach. Firstly, there is no competitive sparring in our beginner programs. As a result, you’ll have a chance to learn all the beginner techniques in a fully-cooperative environment, with like-minded training partners for 8-12 months. Once you move on to the advanced program, and you begin sparring, you will have the benefit of working with training partners of every skill level who are working with you rather than against you. This culture of collaboration and mutual benefit is extremely rare in jiu-jitsu, and we go to great lengths to make sure it is upheld at our academy. All instructors are law enforcement background checked. All adult students names are run against the Colorado Bureau of Investigation sex offender registry. We want a safe training environment for all students.
Do I need to be in shape?
No, we love you exactly how you are. You don’t get in shape to learn jiu-jitsu, you do jiu-jitsu to get in shape!
How will my first class go?
Hopefully great! Watch the videos for a detailed breakdown of what to expect on the classes tab on the website.
Will I get injured or embarrassed?
If you get injured or embarrassed you won’t come back. Everything about our beginner programs was specifically designed to make the classes as safe and encouraging for new students as possible.
Who will I practice with?
As a first-time student we will pair you up with a slightly more experienced student who can answer your questions and help guide your learning throughout the class.
Can I bring a friend?
Possibly. You can email us directly at graciejiujitsuaurora@gmail.com. Due to limited numbers (due to Covid 19) we may not have the space. Once Covid restrictions lighten up we always welcome friends. Referrals are our number one source of business.
What’s the difference between jiu-jitsu and every other martial art?
Jiu-jitsu is designed to empower the weak against the strong and there are no physical prerequisites to get started. Literally ANYONE can learn jiu-jitsu especially when taught the Gracie way!
Do I need to bow or call anyone Sensei?
No. We operate on a first-name basis and a handshake.

FAQs for Parents

What should my child wear?
T-Shirt, shorts or athletic pants if they don’t have a uniform. Uniform and gear will be available in the pro shop or online. You can purchase a Gi at the Gracie University store here https://store.gracieuniversity.com/
What color of Gi does Gracie Jiu Jitsu use?
Are masks required?
Yes. Per state-wide mandate. Please bring your own clean mask. If you forget one, please see the front desk and we can provide one.
What should we expect from class?
Our friendly, energetic kids’ instructors will get your child acquainted with the class structure, which includes two sections of technique standing and ground, warm-ups and active games. We will have several instructors in each class, so all the kids are supervised and receive enough individual attention.